Free Online Programming Courses For Beginners

Let’s dive into the river of free online programming courses for beginners. Within a few minutes, you will be knowing about many cool and amazing free programming courses.

Programming courses are becoming more popular day by day as compared to any other courses. As this whole world is on a path of digitalization, Peoples interest in computer science and programming is increasing tremendously. Peoples are searching for free online programming courses as they are very intelligent ( more than artificial intelligence, I hope so) because they don’t want to lose money and also they want to get knowledge without giving any bucks.

I appreciate it and that’s why I came up with this blog which will help you find some best free online programming courses for beginners. Now, I am saying beginners because we will talk only about beginner to intermediate level courses. If you are a beginner then you can take an idea from here to choose some of the best free programming courses on the internet. But if you are already an intermediate level programmer then also you can check it because it will really be going to help you.

Let’s start with web designing courses. I have seen many beginner programmers take a lot of interest in the web designing field. If you want to build cool websites and creating websites is your dream then you can start with these courses. HTML, CSS, javascript, etc are some of the topics which will be covered in these courses.

This above list consists of the top 10 free online web designing courses for beginners. Right now all of them are free. So if you are interested in starting your programming career with web designing skills, maybe this list is for you.

Free Online Programming Courses for Beginners

Now let’s check some free online C programming courses for beginners. In many colleges, generally, the programming syllabus starts with the C programming language. The C programming language is not so popular nowadays but I think this is one of the most popular programming languages among beginners who want to learn to program. C is a basic programming language but not that much easy to learn according to beginners.

However, the concepts which you will learn in the C programming language ( datatypes, functions, loops, etc ) will be used in almost every programming language, maybe just syntax will be get changed or will remain the same depending on that particular language. So it’s important to learn C programming language to learn basic programming concepts and then you can jump on other programming languages.

Talking about the uses of C programming, it is widely used in operating systems. C compiler, Operating System ( OS ), and all UNIX application programs are written in C language You can understand the importance of C language by this fact that it is one of the oldest programming languages but many colleges still including this subject in their syllabus and prefer to start programming syllabus by teaching C programming.

Here is a list of the top 10 free online C programming language courses for beginners:

1.C for Everyone: Programming FundamentalsCoursera
2.C Programming 2019: Master The Basics!Udemy
3.Writing, Running, and Fixing Code in CCoursera
4.Pointers, Arrays, and RecursionCoursera
5.Quickstart guide for C programmingUdemy
6.Computational Thinking with Beginning C Programming SpecializationCoursera
7.Get Started with Programming in CUdemy
8.C Programming Language STEP by STEP – Part 1Udemy
9.Introduction To The C LanguageUdemy
10.C – Fast Crash Course – IntroductionUdemy

Now probably you are thinking where to jump after completing C programming courses. Just smile and scroll down because you have got a lot of options now after completing C programming. Have you heard about Object Oriented Programming ( OOps )? Yes, now you can start learning object-oriented programming. In OOPs, you will have to deal with classes and objects but the knowledge which you have gained in C programming is really going to make it easy for you to learn these OOPs. C++, Java, Python, etc are some of the languages which follow the OOPs concept.

You can choose any programming language to learn now. You can go with the C++ programming language now as it will be easy for you to understand just after learning C programming.

Here is the list of top 5 free online C++ programming courses for beginners.

1.C++ For C Programmers, Part ACoursera
2.C++ For C Programmers, Part BCoursera
3.Fundamentals of C++ ProgrammingUdemy
5.C++ From Beginners to AdvanceUdemy

Do you want to learn the C# programming language? It is one of the most popular programming languages right now. It is used in many fields but is used to create applications of Microsoft on a large scale. It is also used for game development in Unity. If you want to develop games in Unity then start learning C#.

Check out this list of top 10 free online C# programming courses for beginners :

1.Programming Fundamentals – The Basics with C# for BeginnersUdemy
2.C#: Start programming with C# (for complete beginners)Udemy
3.Getting Started with C#Udemy
4.C# .NET For BeginnersUdemy
5.Introduction to C# Programming and UnityCoursera
6.More C# Programming and UnityCoursera
7.The complete algorithms course in C# and .NetUdemy
8.C# Programming 101 – The New Way For Beginners!Udemy
9.Complete guide to C# programming languageUdemy
10.C# Refactoring | Powerful code optimizationUdemy

Now coming to the most popular programming language of this era. Yes, you are right, Python programming language. Python is very popular because of it’s easy to understand behavior as well as it provides more features in fewer lines of code as compared to any other programming language. Its code is very much similar to the English language and that’s why it’s easy to understand. It is widely used in the computer science field. It is widely used in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, etc.

Here is the list of top 10 free online Python programming courses for beginners:

1.Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)Coursera
2.Python Data StructuresCoursera
3.Python BasicsCoursera
4.Python Functions, Files, and DictionariesCoursera
5.Data Collection and Processing with PythonCoursera
6.Python Classes and InheritanceCoursera
7.Python Programming: A Concise IntroductionCoursera
8.Python Programming EssentialsCoursera
9.The Python Workshop for Beginners Part 2Udemy
10Python 3 in 100 MinutesUdemy

So now coming to the last but not least of this list, Java programming language. Java is so vast and one of the most powerful programming languages that’s why this list comes at the bottom of this page because if you have already learned C or C++ then it’s easy to understand java.

If you are a beginner, you can directly start with java without having any basic programming knowledge. But if you have some basic knowledge of programming then it’s good to go with java. So I would recommend that first learn C and any other OOPs language like C++, and then move to java because java consists of many parts like core java and advance java. It has many famous frameworks too.

Java is used for developing mobile applications ( do you use android ? java is used in it), desktop GUI applications, enterprise applications, cloud-based applications, gaming applications, etc.

Here is a list of the top 10 free online java programming courses for beginners.

1.Java Programming BasicsUdemy
2.Java for NoobsUdemy
3.Java Programming: Solving Problems with SoftwareCoursera
4.Java Programming: Arrays, Lists, and Structured DataCoursera
5.Introduction to programming with JavaUdemy
6.Object Oriented Programming in JavaCoursera
7.Object-Oriented Programming with JavaCoursera
8.Java for Absolute BeginnersUdemy
9.First Steps in JavaUdemy
10.Specialization in Java: Part I – For Beginners.Udemy


You have already seen many free courses for different programming languages. If you are a beginner, you can start with any programming language listed above in this article.

You can choose with which programming language you should start learning according to your needs or what do you want to do after learning to program. All these courses are free right now. Go and learn any of these courses and enjoy writing codes and learn to program. Best of luck with your programming career!!

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