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Are you standing at a point where you have to choose either to learn to code or don’t learn it? I will give you 6 Reasons Why to Learn Coding or Why to Learn Programming which will help you to choose a path from these two.

So let’s discuss why everyone, including yourself, should learn to code. Now, I’m not just targeting this at people who want to become software engineers or enter the tech industry. I believe that everyone can gain a great deal of value from learning to code.

6 Reasons Why to Learn Coding Why to Learn Programming

And I’ll give you six reasons why to learn coding or why to learn programming.

Reason 1:

So the first and number one I recommend that people learn to code is that it teaches them to think and it teaches them to solve problems. These two skills are very important in all aspects of life.

And unfortunately, I see, especially in today’s youth, that they are just getting lost, they are deteriorating and a lot of people are not really learning them at all. Now you can blame whoever you want for that. You can blame the school system, whatever it is, but I think being good at problem-solving and critical thinking is very important, and coding will definitely help you get there.

When you’re programming, You will probably run into hundreds of problems every day, and you need to be able to break down those problems, think about them, and solve them. There will be no one to hold your hand and tell you what to do.

Although you can find answers on Google so that you can even interpret those answers and understand what is being said, it really takes a lot of thought. And that’s one of the reasons that I personally like coding so much because it forces me to think that it forces me to actually use my brain.

And I can’t think of many other situations where I use my brainpower as much as when I’m sitting in front of the computer and programming. And of course, this also happens when you are just learning to code, building a mental model of what is happening in this programming language and thinking about the tools you have and how you can apply them to certain problems is something very important skill.

And you master that when you get good at programming, even learning the basics, basic logic really teaches you a lot. If you understand basic logic very well, you will start understanding tougher and difficult topics very easily and smoothly too. Some topics seem to be tough because we don’t know its basics and that why we find it difficult to learn. But if we master basic concepts then it will be going to be easy to learn complex topics.

Reason 2:

The second reason I recommend learning to code is because there is a great opportunity in this field, especially right now, to make money from coding.

The demand for programmers is so high and not just programmers working as software engineers in a company but they are working as freelancers, or earning online, or as an entrepreneur, etc. of course, the best way to make money is programming. And one of the safest ways would be to get a job at a company, right, and get paid for the program.

I understand that most of the people who see this might not be doing that. That may not be one of your goals. What you can do, however, you make money on your programming skills. But one of the best things about programming is that if you are an entrepreneur, you want to start a business, some kind of digital product.

You don’t need to pay anyone or make an investment to do so. You can build it yourself. Now of course that will take you some time, but let’s say the only reason you want to learn to code is so that you can create a website, and then literally learn exactly what you need to do to create what you are trying to build.

That’s what I do every time I try to build something new, I don’t care about all the other things. I fully focus on whatever helps me build the project I’m trying to build. You don’t need to be a software engineer, You don’t need to learn data structures and algorithms, just learn enough to build the product you want. And you can probably build that in just a few months.

So it’s a great opportunity at a really low cost. Maybe you have to rent a server or something. That’s like five or ten dollars a month to test a company, to test a business idea.

And you never know, We’ve seen products like Instagram, Snapchat, all these things that start out really naked that had virtually no crazy features that were created by one or two people that have grown into massive big companies where the owners are now making billions of dollars a year.

I’m not saying it’s you, but that’s the potential you have in learning a skill like a program. Now if you are looking to use your coding ability in an enterprise way where you are going to host an app or a website or whatever, you can do it very easily.

You can register a domain name and a hosting and you can start your own website with proper planning where you can earn a good amount of money.

If you have an interest in app development, you can develop your own app and can publish it on the play store. After programming, you get many opportunities to earn a big amount of money and respect. Respect in the sense, when you build a famous application or games or software then people will recognize you and give respect to you. Also when you build a famous application and if that would become a big company, people who work on your platform or join your platform will also give respect to you.

Reason 3:

Now the next reason I think you should learn to code is because it can automate repetitive tasks. I think this is a really underrated reason, but you can actually create some really cool projects and tools that automate the things you could do on a normal day and take a long time.

Now it is difficult for me to give good examples because this is really specific to what you do and what you are working on a day-to-day, but let’s say you enter a lot of data.

It’s probably the best example and you take an excel spreadsheet and you have to take some columns or some rows from it and put it into another spreadsheet or make a chart of it or something like that.

Well, instead of doing it yourself, you could spend maybe half the time. Normally it would take you to do that, just to program a really basic tool that can do it for you. I know this personally for me, a lot of times when I used to get data entry jobs, I used to work, uh, a long time ago when I was working for clients at online platforms, So that work was simple but hectic and very time-consuming.

They needed me to do something like really monotonous data entry. It was going to take me like two weeks. I had to go through like 5,000 lines of this spreadsheet. And I had to find all the data and put it in another spreadsheet anyway, something basic like that.

And after I’ve been doing it for an hour or two, I was, this is taking a long time. I know how to program, let me see if I can think of something that will do this automatically. It was not very complicated that had to do.

And in about two to three hours, you were actually building a fully functioning bot that could automatically do all the data entry it was supposed to do.

So I give it back to my client, you know, at the end of the day, I say, yeah, I finished it. And he says, how did you do that? As if that was impossible. Like, did you give this to someone else? Was someone else working on it? I say, no, this is just a script that I wrote that did. Right. And then all of a sudden the next day I didn’t have much work to do.

So basic things like that. If you know how to code, it opens up your ability to create these really cool tools that can honestly save you hours, maybe even days of time.

Reason 4:

So the fourth reason I think you should learn to code is because coding is the language of the future. What I mean by this is that more and more people are learning to code. More people know what to code today more than ever. And when I can only imagine that the trend will continue upward, I know that at many places, they have implemented coding in the school system since the second grade.

I know it was in my High school and even not that level of coding but very basics. I know many people in specialties, not related to computer science, who had to take programming and well, I can only imagine that as the years go by, it will become more mandatory and mandatory.

And more people are going to assume that you have an idea of ​​what programming is. I think in the past, it was given a reputation that only really smart people were programming. Only the nerves were programming, whatever it is, but now programming is becoming much more mainstream.

I have no idea where it will go or what will end up happening, but I just want to make an interesting comparison for you to consider. So in school, we learn about geography, history, mathematics, biology. We learn a lot of basic things and collect a lot of knowledge that most people assume.

We all know that, right? If you go into a room and ask people, what country do you live in? Most of them know the answer right now. I know it seems stupid to say it, but think about it. The world we live in now is so digital that I would say that roughly 50% of our time every day is spent in this digital world. We are on a computer. We are dealing with a web browser where, you know, search the web on our phone.

We are calling someone, texting someone, but how many people understand how all of that works? And what is all that? I’d say a very small percentage of the population. And I would think with common sense, if we are going to live in such a high-tech digital world, it would make sense to have some kind of understanding of how that world works, right?

Just like you learn about the physics of throwing a ball, come down. Maybe we should understand the physics of this digital world in which we live more and more.

That’s my only point here with this one here. But I think you’re hurting yourself a bit by not learning to code, right? At least have a very basic understanding of what that really means.

And if you start from this basic understanding, you would start understanding everything about this digital era and the most important thing that you will start knowing about the most trending field of this era.

Reason 5:

Here is one important reason to learn code because it will increase your knowledge and let you feel confident.

We work in only two modes, either online or offline. Nowadays, we need to have knowledge in both the medium to work effectively. Many people don’t have deep knowledge about online mediums but if someone has knowledge about both mediums, it will let him/her feel confident about it.

Reason 6:

So discussing about the sixth and final reason I think you should learn to code is because it impresses people and looks great on a resume.

We only expand this by first asking you to consider the following situation. So say you met me. You had no idea who I was and you asked me the question: Hey, oh, what are you studying? What courses are you in? Bla bla bla.

You asked me something like that related to school. And I said, oh, I’m actually in astrophysics. That’s what I told you. I am an astrophysicist. What would be your immediate impression of me? Alone without knowing anything else? Just being able to see me and hear that, you’d probably think, Oh, it must be smart. Right?

And anyone who tells you he’s an astrophysicist, unless he has some other crazy quality that, you know, you probably think is smart. Anyone who says they’re in applied math or advanced physics or whatever. You probably think they are smart.

These are the stereotypes that we associate with certain degrees, with certain people. Now the same thing happens with coding. If you tell someone that you know how to code, and if they don’t know much about it, they will assume you have a certain level of intelligence.

Now that level of intelligence will be based on whatever their bias is, whatever they have seen and know about coding. If you know a little about it, you might know: Oh, okay. You don’t have to be good again to be good at coding.

And maybe that doesn’t mean anything to them, but for the vast majority of people, especially those who don’t know anything about technology, they’re going to assume you’re smart. And that will only be an advantage for you.

If you can make a good first impression on people, I’m not saying go out there and tell everyone, you know how to code, but more to say, like a job interview situation or on a resume. That is a great advantage.

If you’re applying for a job that’s not tech-related at all yet, you know how to code and that’s front and center on your resume and people can see it. Well, that will be an advantage for you. And it will make you stand out.

It’s just if you go to the interview and say, Oh, this is a cool automation tool that I made to speed up my workflow. That not only shows that you are taking the initiative to be more efficient and productive, but it shows that you know – something that almost no one else who is applying here does.

And that’s something the interviewer will remember about you, right? So that’s just another reason to learn to code. Honestly, it makes you look good. I cannot tell you how many people I have told them that I am in computer science and immediately our conversation tone changes dramatically.

Maybe they were badmouthing me earlier. Maybe they thought it was over, whatever it is. Now all of a sudden they have a different perspective on me because I’m in computer science.

So something to keep in mind and the last thing I wanted to mention because I think it’s a huge bonus, especially if you’re applying for a job and it’s not your core skill, it’s something extra you can talk about.


In this modern era, we all should learn about coding and programming. Right now, everywhere computer is used to perform different tasks. From a lift of a building to an ATM, from washing machines in your home to smart gadgets, everywhere computer is used.

So in this advanced era, if you don’t know about how computer works or the programming languages in which we give instructions to the computer, then you may find it difficult to work.

It doesn’t mean you should learn coding or programming at any cost to survive in this era or to live a comfortable life. You can live a comfortable and easy life still without knowing anything about computers.

But if you have the opportunity to choose from either to learn to code or don’t learn it, then you should definitely go with learning it. This is because you will get some advantages which we have already discussed above in this article.

Thank you for reading this article.

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