Most Used Programming Languages in The IT Industry

You might be wondering about the most used programming languages in the IT industry. Yes, every student having a dream to work in the IT industry wants to know which are the most used programming languages in the IT industry.

Are you ready? because I am going to share with you the most used programming languages ​​in the IT industry. So if you are a beginner, keep reading this article and you will get to know about which programming language is being used for what purpose and the different types of development of software.

Okay, so now, first of all, we would try to understand the different types or kinds of software development, and to understand these things in an easy way, I am classifying the types of software development into four different categories.

They are kind of one of the main streams of software development, so let’s take a look at them so the first category is web application development, the second is the mobile app thing, the third game development and the fourth is machine learning and data science.

Web app development

So now let’s have a look at the web app development and go one by one for each of them, so when we talk about the development of web applications, it is classified into two parts the front-end development and back-end development.

So the front-end is basically something that is visible to us, so every time you visit a website, the page what you see in the browser is front-end or you can try to understand by its name that it is the front side or the user interface side of the application and back-end is something that is happening behind the scene or the database side of the application. The back-end is having all the data that is displayed on the front-end side and the data which is taken from the users by the front-end side.

So now let’s have a look at what are the most widely and commonly used programming languages in the IT industry ​​for front-end development are HTML, CSS and JavaScript. These are some of the most commonly used programming languages ​​to create front-end. So to create front-end, some frameworks are also used with these programming languages. But we will not discuss those frameworks here in this article because the topic of this article is all about Most Used Programming Languages in The IT Industry, so we will just try to keep it about the discussion about the programming languages ​​being used.

Now as we already discussed the front-end development, let’s have a look at the development of the back-end, so for backend development, the most commonly used programming languages ​​are Java, C#, Python, Ruby, PHP, and javascript.

JavaScript is used as front-end as well as back-end as well together with JavaScript frameworks.

So we successfully discussed all the most commonly used front-end and back-end development programming languages. Now our next category of Software development is mobile app development.

Mobile app development

When we talk about mobile app development, it is mainly classified into two parts: Android application development and iOS application development.

So when we talk about the development of Android applications in the IT industry, the most popular and common programming language which they use is Java. Another programming language that is becoming popular nowadays is Kotlin which is preferred for the development of native language android applications.

Now let’s talk about the ios app development and for ios apps, it is the Objective-C which was being used so far more frequently, but after the introduction of Swift programming language, Swift is gaining more and more popularity and Objective-C is being used lesser as compared to Swift.

There is also a type of language which is currently very commonly used to develop ios and android applications with a single code base, and this is dart language that is being used with Flutter SDK.

Game development

So now let’s move to the third category of development which is game development, so for game development, the most commonly used programming languages in the IT industry are C# andC++ and these two programming languages can be used to develop any type of games including the most popular games of nowadays. C# is very famous with the Unity game engine and it is used to create thousands of high-quality games.

Machine learning and data science

The last but not the least category of development is data science and machine learning, The programming languages which are commonly and widely used for data science and machine learning are Python programming language, Matlab, Scala, and R.

Python is the most used for data science and machine learning, and the new addition to this list is Julia, which is slowly gaining a lot of popularity. Machine learning and data science is getting so much popularity in the computer science field and one of the main reason for this is the Python programming language because it is so easy to learn and have powerful libraries which make it easy to perform different operations over data.


There are different types of development going on in the IT industry and for each type of development work, there are some commonly used programming languages. For example, If you are in the Web Application Development department, you will need HTML, CSS, JavaSCript while on the other hand if you are developing android applications, you will use Java. Similarly, for ios applications, you will use another programming language.

I have clearly mentioned all those programming languages which are very common and popular in the IT industry. I have categorized the software development into different types so that you can easily understand it. All these development types need different programming languages for different purposes. So the use of programming languages in the IT industry depends on the type of work they are doing.

I hope this article might have helped you to get the answer to your question Most Used Programming Languages in The IT Industry.

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