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Stay Healthy With Fresh Fruit Juices

September 17, 2019


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There is a misconception that fruit juices are equally un-healthy as any sugary drink which is just not the case. You have to be conscious and very particular about your health and what benefits your health. Limited yet resourceful intake of fresh fruit juices can actually improve your healthy in the most effective way possible. Fruit juices comprise a wide range of vitamins, minerals and bioactive compounds, like phytochemicals, which are considered very important for health. If you consider a qualified and a practicing nutritionist, he/she is most likely to recommend you a balanced diet comprising mainly of vegetables and fruits which are required to supply the body with mineral and vitamin needs. However, in accordance with the experts, moderate intake of fresh fruit juices can make a significant contribution to vitamins and other micronutrients.

Mineral and vitamin claims

In accordance with regulation made by the European Union, in order for a person to utilize a nutrition claim, 100 grams of a food item or 100 ml of a drink should comprise of at the least 15% or 7.5% respectively of the nutrient reference value (NRV). According to this whole methodology, fresh juices of tomato, orange, lemon, grapefruit and pineapple can be considered as a potential source of healthy vitamins and very beneficial for overall health.

Orange, pineapple and tomato juices are considered to be very rich in potassium and can serve as a steady source of potassium. In accordance to a study conducted by the experts, lemon juice can actually help ward off the kidney stones, a painful and crucial problem which has been on the rise for quite long time. If you or any of your family member is going through such a problem, cut your risk by over 90% using lemon juice and as well including in your diet plan.

Nutritional benefits

Fresh fruit juices help in digesting and cleaning the digestive system. Regular and limited intake of fresh fruit juices can actually help a person improve digestive system. There are vast nutritional benefits of including fresh fruit juices in your diet plan and that’s what all the physicians and the nutritionists suggest their patients. It is very important to consult a nutritionist or a physician that would provide guidance on the intake of fresh fruit juices.

Storing and choosing the right type of fruit juices

Fresh fruit juices need to be stored in bottles and are required to be refrigerated. Fruit juices can be frozen and can be used for several months until they are ready to blend in with water.

It is very important to consider the season of the fruits as fresh fruits can only be extracted in their respective season. Off season fruits could be dangerous for health and are not recommended by any nutritionist. Many fruit juices are high in calories and require proper tracking according to a person’s routine calorie intake because excessive intake can possibly result in gaining of unnecessary weight. Fresh fruit juices are healthy and should be a part of one’s diet.

Fueling Your Way Up With One And Only Coffee

June 3, 2014


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Fueling Your Way Up With One And Only Coffee

Coffee has become one of the most important parts of a reasonable majority of people. There is absolutely no substitute of coffee and people who are afraid because of side-effects and other unhealthy effects of coffee need to know that there are actually health reasons to drink coffee. There are potential health reasons to drink coffee but people aren’t entirely aware of the health reasons to drink coffee. A daily cup of your morning coffee is probably doing more for you than you realize.

The health reasons to drink coffee has always been a very controversial topic with people arguing that instigates indigestion, insomnia, high blood pressure and an increased heart rate. Coffee drinkers are usually more active than tea drinkers as the compounds found in coffee provides brain boosting abilities and other health benefits. Drinking coffee makes your anxiety and depression go away and also makes you active and work out like you’re a machine. Here are 5 health reasons to drink coffee:

Brain-boosting ability

Fueling Your Way Up With One And Only Coffee Your daily morning cup of coffee provides you with energy that boost your brain function and makes you more active in performing your routine tasks. However, excess intake of coffee is not recommended by the physicians as it could result in consequences. Coffee makes your brain active and also help you perform better in carrying out your tasks.

Coffee can actually help you exercise better

We have been believing that coffee or caffeine dehydrates a person but the fitness experts around the globe recommend nixing coffee before and after working out. In accordance with the experts in this field, it is normal for a person to take 500 mg of caffeine per day which makes five cups of coffee and doesn’t result in dehydrating exercisers but help them exercise better and longer.

Coffee can be considered as an anti-depressant

Fueling Your Way Up With One And Only Coffee There is a range of studies that suggests that drinking coffee can actually calm a person who is going though depression and stress. There is an inverse relation that exist between consumption of coffee and depression. In simple words, coffee drinkers are less likely to go through depression and this amounts to one of the best health reasons to drink coffee.

Coffee defeats diabetes

Coffee drinkers who drink at least 4 cups of coffee are less likely to face diabetes as the compounds in coffee namely cholorogenic acid and quinides help boost the sensitivity to insulin, which further help regulate blood sugar levels. This has to be the best heath reasons to drink coffee as diabetes is on the rise among people.

Your liver loves coffee

In accordance with researches and opinions from different experts, coffee is actually good for your liver and can help lower the risk of cirrhosis and other liver diseases. In accordance with an analysis conducted by the experts that 2 cups of coffee per day can reduce the risk of liver cancer by 43 percent which makes a very good health reason to drink coffee. Americans love drinking coffee more than tea, here’s a top 4 listing of coffee shops in New York, USA.

4 Best Coffee Shops In New York, USA

August 2, 2011


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Best Coffee Shops In New York USA

In the last decade New York, along with many other cities around the world, have experienced a new shake up in terms of coffee culture. While there are well-known American chains that can be found all over the world, the New York coffee culture has moved away from the corporate giants, putting its emphasis on select coffees.These coffees are usually obtained through fair trade and from organic grains, which are ground at the time for each cup of coffee. This so-called third wave of coffee has opened the way to small and cosy coffee shops in the neighbourhood, where baristas know customers by name.

These coffee shops not only serve an incredible coffee, but also offer people a quiet place to work, a great place to read or a place to hang out with friends (as always did the distribution of Friends in Central Perk). In the last two years, coffee establishments have sprung up all over the city and there are literally too many to choose from. For that reason, we have compiled a list of the 10 best coffee shops in New York (here you can get the Best Coffee Machine Reviews for your kitchen), focusing on specialized coffee shops in Manhattan and Brooklyn. We hope you find it useful in your visit to the city!

1. Brooklyn Roasting Company

Best Coffee Shops In New York USA Brooklyn Roasting Company, another staple of Brooklyn, offers a fantastic selection of organic and fair trade coffees. The first of its coffee shops is located in an old warehouse, just one block from the East River and the Manhattan Bridge in DUMBO. This spacious cafeteria is furnished with recycled and reused materials, making it a pleasure to spend some time inside with a delicious cup of coffee. You will also find a wonderful park between Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge, just two blocks from the cafeteria, so on a hot day you can order a coffee (ice cream) to take and enjoy in the park, with incredible views of the skyline of Manhattan.

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

Best Coffee Shops In New York USA Blue Bottle comes from California, but now has five locations in New York. They all serve the latest coffee you can find in the Big Apple. Your secret? They use a drip filtration method to prepare each cup. Blue Bottle’s flagship coffee shop is at Williamsburg on Berry Street and 5th Street and Chelsea’s at 16th Street and 10th Avenue, it’s great too and it’s on the High Line! The High Line is a magnificent elevated park built on an old railway line. This green space is ideal for a walk and offers a splendid view of the skyscrapers of Midtown Manhattan, including the Empire State Building. Make a stop in the middle of your walk through the High Line to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or an espresso. Your New Orleans ice cream is a real treat on a hot day.

3. Think

Best Coffee Shops In New York USA Think values ​​the fair trade of coffee and takes the trouble to travel to the source from which the coffee comes to build a relationship with each farmer. As a result, they can tell you exactly where each coffee brand comes from!It has six locations in Manhattan, and each offers something different. The NoHo on Bleecker Street and Bowery has a cosy atmosphere and many places to sit. Both American and hot chocolate are absolutely delicious. There is also a Think cafeteria inside the library of the University of New York (NYU) in Mercer Street and 3rd Street. It is a popular place among students, with a friendly atmosphere and is also the ideal place to buy some books or products from the NYU.

4. Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Best Coffee Shops In New York USA Stumptown Coffee Roasters, founded by Duane Sorenson in 1999, has helped revolutionize US coffee shops. This brand is known for personally visiting its coffee producers, creating lasting relationships with their suppliers.They toast the coffee themselves, which you can notice without a doubt in the taste of their delicious hot coffees and ice cream. They currently have two locations in New York: one on 29th Street and Broadway and one on 8th Street and MacDougal Street. The second one is bigger and, in addition, they offer tasting courses!